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XTRA Tech Transforms CHASL's Website by Migrating it to Wix and Modernizing it

Updated: Jan 26

Christian Health Association Sierra Leone (CHASL) is an NGO based in Sierra Leone that aims to improve healthcare services in the country. Their old website was not mobile-friendly, not https secure, and had outdated content due to lack of training and permission to make changes.


  • Non-mobile friendly website design

  • Outdated content on the website

  • Lack of training and permission to make changes

  • Non-https secure website


XTRA Tech provided a comprehensive solution to CHASL's website challenges. They migrated the website to Wix, which helped them to achieve a modern and mobile-friendly design. They also modernized the content on the website, making it more informative and up-to-date.

In addition, XTRA Tech trained the CHASL team on how to manage the new website, providing them with documentation and video resources available on their website. They also ensured that the new website was https secure to provide a more secure browsing experience to the users.


  • CHASL's website is now mobile-friendly and has a modern design, which makes it easier for users to navigate.

  • The website is now https secure, which ensures a more secure browsing experience for users.

  • The new website is more informative and up-to-date, which helps to better communicate CHASL's mission and impact.

  • The CHASL team is now trained on how to manage the new website, which gives them the ability to make changes and keep the content up-to-date.



XTRA Tech's expertise in website design and management helped CHASL to overcome the challenges they faced with their old website. By migrating to Wix and modernizing the content, CHASL's website now provides a better browsing experience to users and effectively communicates their mission and impact.

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