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How XTRA Tech Helped Atlantic Lumley Hotel Boost Bookings and Revenue with a Modernized Website

Atlantic Lumley Hotel is a hotel located in Sierra Leone. Their old website was not mobile-friendly and had outdated content, making it difficult for potential customers to find the information they needed.


  • Non-mobile friendly website design

  • Outdated content on the website

  • Poorly designed booking form with outdated fields


XTRA Tech provided a comprehensive solution to Atlantic Lumley Hotel's website challenges. They migrated the website to Wix, which helped to create a modern and mobile-friendly design. They also modernized the content on the website, making it more informative and engaging for potential customers.

In addition, XTRA Tech added an easy-to-use booking form to the website, making it easier for customers to make inquiries about bookings. They also added a Facebook chat widget, which enabled customers to chat with the business on Facebook, providing a more direct and easy way for potential customers to contact the business.


  • Atlantic Lumley Hotel's website is now mobile-friendly, making it easier for customers to browse on their mobile devices.

  • The new website has a modern and engaging design, which makes it more attractive to potential customers.

  • The addition of the booking form has helped the business to receive more leads through their website.

  • The Facebook chat widget has made it easier for customers to contact the business and ask any questions they may have.