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How XTRA Tech Helped Atlantic Lumley Hotel Boost Bookings and Revenue with a Modernized Website

Updated: Jan 26

Atlantic Lumley Hotel is a hotel located in Sierra Leone. Their old website was not mobile-friendly and had outdated content, making it difficult for potential customers to find the information they needed.


  • Non-mobile friendly website design

  • Outdated content on the website

  • Poorly designed booking form with outdated fields


XTRA Tech provided a comprehensive solution to Atlantic Lumley Hotel's website challenges. They migrated the website to Wix, which helped to create a modern and mobile-friendly design. They also modernized the content on the website, making it more informative and engaging for potential customers.

In addition, XTRA Tech added an easy-to-use booking form to the website, making it easier for customers to make inquiries about bookings. They also added a Facebook chat widget, which enabled customers to chat with the business on Facebook, providing a more direct and easy way for potential customers to contact the business.


  • Atlantic Lumley Hotel's website is now mobile-friendly, making it easier for customers to browse on their mobile devices.

  • The new website has a modern and engaging design, which makes it more attractive to potential customers.

  • The addition of the booking form has helped the business to receive more leads through their website.

  • The Facebook chat widget has made it easier for customers to contact the business and ask any questions they may have.



XTRA Tech's expertise in website design and management helped Atlantic Lumley Hotel to overcome the challenges they faced with their old website. By migrating to Wix and modernizing the content, the hotel's website now provides a better browsing experience to potential customers, while the addition of the booking form and chat function has made it easier for them to make inquiries and contact the business directly. As a result, the hotel has been able to receive more leads through their website, ultimately helping to drive more bookings and revenue.

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